Taste of the Divine

The steep ravines crown the world and the snowy mountain tops, merge Heaven and Earth.

A restless landscape where clouds, lightning and thunder, constantly immersing with the blue horizon.

It was from the glorious Mount Olympus that the gods would announce

the arrival of the new day, Olympion Hemar”, the light from which life is transmitted to the mountain’s 

diverse flora – in particular to its aromatic tea.

Zeus Mountain tea 

Named after the father of gods and men, ruler of the world, holder of lightning and thunder;

“Zeus” flavour is made from selected plants of sideritis scardica variety,

the original “Olympus Mountain Tea”.

The “Zeus” variety  is mellow with the taste of spring.

It is fragrant with a unique and gentle aroma,

sensationally refreshing giving you that warm feeling inside.

Sustainable organic farming

To reach the peak of quality